The Easy Way of Financing

The Easy Way of Financing

Let us introduce Turnkey Finance to you. We are a B2B matching platform connecting capital-seeking companies with the right mix of capital sources and process partner companies. With these tailor-made solutions, the financing process becomes easier and more fruitful.



What is in it for you? It depends on who you are.


If you are a capital-seeking company, we guide you through a customized financing process and find the right capital providers at the right time.

With our experience from more than 100 deals and counting, we find the right structure for your financing volume regardless of whether you are looking for seed financing, property leasing or an add-on acquisition. You only need to provide us with the documentation necessary for the financing process. For example, as a start-up in the seed-financing stage, we will need your pitch deck and a financial plan to start working with you. If something necessary is missing, our partner companies can support you. Moreover, you will get coached beforehand, so as to increase the likelihood of your pitch succeeding.


If you are a capital source, we will provide you with deal flow tailored to your needs and investment criteria.

We will present you with interesting opportunities that have the right properties and metrics for your investment appetite. Capital sources include all types of companies offering capital. From traditional banks to venture capital and private equity funds to alternative funding vehicles aiding with so-called security token offerings. As an orchestrator, we manage to bring the right capital sources on board to close the deal. In this process, Turnkey Finance considers the different financing instruments offered by the relevant capital sources (e.g. debt capital, mezzanine capital, equity capital etc.). You have an interesting financing opportunity but not the right partners to make the deal happen? We can support you by finding willing co-invests or reorganizing the financing structure to go forward.


If you are a process or domain expert, we would be proud to count you in on our extensive range of partner companies that we aim to provide with business opportunities.

Our partner companies make the matchmaking process as smooth as possible and offer capital-seeking companies relevant expertise and helping us fulfil our one-stop shop promise. As an expert in your field (e.g. tax advisory, business consulting, audit, law etc.), we welcome you on board to support our capital seekers or capital sources in dealing with their respective challenges. Furthermore, we welcome every agent who is forwarding relevant deal flow like financing opportunities or partner companies to us in return for a success-related finder’s fee.


Guiding Innovators and Turnkey Finance – a strong partnership


Now you may ask where our expertise in the financing sector comes from. Our team has lots of experience in the private equity sector as well as an entrepreneurial background.


The founders of Turnkey Finance, Harald Pöttinger and Udo Oksakowski, have complementary expertise that they can leverage to the advantage of all ecosystem members.

Harald has been a private equity fund manager in Austria for more than twenty years. He is very knowledgeable in structuring financing opportunities in the right way and considering the important nuances of the financing process. Moreover, he was very closely involved in leading these financed ventures to an operative and strategic success leveraging value appreciation potentials. Udo on the other hand is a self-taught, experienced entrepreneur, who has been increasingly focusing on scaling up platforms in the financial services sector over the last couple of years. In his ventures, he overcame the challenges of these high-growth scale-ups to lead them to successful business and exit opportunities. He is uniquely knowledgeable with regard to the German-speaking region economy’s industrial backbone and has identified significant financing difficulties that Turnkey Finance tackles to solve.


Over time both founders have realized that many capital-seeking companies lack the expertise necessary to orchestrate a successful, valuation-maximizing and capital-cost-minimizing financing process. Especially companies situated in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein first and foremost try to get financing almost uniquely at their respective bank of trust. However, in many cases, banks can exclusively provide financing via various debt instruments. This can put the balance sheet in imbalance – and leaves a lot of unrealized potential on the table.

Turnkey Finance supports companies to realize their full potential in every financing process as well as position themselves well for any follow-on financing round.


We can guide your financing project to success, because we holistically grasp the financing situation and make every effort to ensure a well-structured financing process. That is one of the reasons why Guiding Innovators partners with Turnkey Finance.


We respect and protect the privacy of our customers


We think it is a good time to show you how we structured this financing deal. Turnkey Finance is organized as a limited partnership, in Austria called “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung”. A capital increase is only possible with a notarial deed, which will then be published in the commercial register. Because all of our investors value their privacy, we wanted for as little information as possible to show up in the commercial register. Therefore, we only included the nominal amount of the capital increase in the related resolution. The agio, which oftentimes is included in this resolution, was structured as a shareholder contribution. As it does not appear in any public register, no external person can see to which valuation the capital increase was subscribed at. Moreover, a syndicate agreement is governing the rights and obligations of the various shareholders. This ensures that little more than the minimum required content is stated in the publicly accessible shareholder agreement. Most other contractual rights and obligations are kept private.


Smart money


Finally, let us tell you something about the interesting topic of smart money. If you raise capital for your company, it whom you get the capital from makes a big difference. Some equity investors are more on the passive side, solely interested in appreciating value without being engaged in business processes, whereas others are bringing a whole lot of experience and skills to the funded company and actively engage in value enhancement. These investors are trying to add value to the company by giving input on operations as well as legal, financial, and strategic matters. They also aim to open doors for their portfolio companies by drawing on their partners’ extensive networks.


Smart money is defined as money that is invested by people who know a lot about a subject.


In practice, many capital-seekers have to in the end cut their announced valuation targets to be attractive enough for investors. In this regard, Turnkey Finance can decouple these smart competences from the money, thereby increasing the plausibility of hitting valuation targets. There are many different ways to structure the necessary financing volume. So we can choose from a pool of different capital sources and can more freely provide the needed capital independent of any single investor’s expertise. Simultaneously, expertise can be provided by competent partner companies that can identify the value appreciation potentials and act accordingly. Due to these various possibilities, Turnkey Finance is able to add tremendous value with a tailor-made financing process.


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