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SimplyTokenized is redefining how companies acquire capital

SimplyTokenized is redefining how companies acquire capital

SimplyTokenized is the first company of the Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna, located in Hoho Wien in Vienna, Austria. The Hub is going to give SimplyTokenized the support it needs to grow its operative business.


Our vision has always been to strengthen an ecosystem of alternative financing. We believe that this vision, together with our technology, shapes a completely new approach to the way companies and corporates alike deal with (financial) resources.


Translating this vision into reality, we are building all necessary tools to allow for an optimized allocation of financial resources. This leads to companies being able to get access to the necessary financing      that aligns with their current business capabilities. That means using simple, regulatory compliant financial tools and an Organic Finance Framework. As Paul Poeltner describes it: (…) the Organic Finance Framework puts the possible forms of financing for a company in perspective. The challenge of the management team is to choose the right form of financing at the right time. The goal is not to finance everything through alternative forms of financing, but rather to use them for their purpose, which is to scale the business.


With Organic Finance, the management team should start with the target. The first step is to look at the customer in detail and develop ways to best involve them in the development of the business. Not only will this allow the product to better fit the customer’s needs, but it will also give the company more time to grow under less pressure. That time can be used to build relationships and adapt the different developments of the product to the customer’s needs in the best possible way. The company can  then grow step by step in complexity, in order to be able to incorporate more complex financing later on.

In that way the complexity of the organization and the financing become harmonized.


Backing it up with expertise


With Georg Brameshuber and Paul Pöltner, we have two active blockchain community experts on board.


Georg Brameshuber is a tax consultant and university assistant at the University of Vienna. He is the author of several publications on crypto assets, smart contracts, and blockchain and the law (including Handbuch Kryptowährungen and Blockchain Rules in addition to being a lecturer at the University of Vienna, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, and the Academy of Tax Advisors and Certified Public Accountants. He’s a wizard on legal engineering of blockchain and token projects and advises start-ups in the blockchain sector.


Paul Pöltner was the co-founder of crowdinvesting platforms in Austria/DACH. Networking on an international level, he helps to shape the development of alternative forms of corporate financing in Austria. Paul is the chairman of the Digital Asset Association Austria and a member of the FinTech Advisory Board.


Becoming a partner of change


We’re currently preparing our market entry and are looking for individuals and business owners that believe in a core vision as well as the tremendous value that new business models built on alternative financial market infrastructure brings.



If you are interested in becoming one of our key partners in building up a world of alternative financing …

or if you are an individual who brings knowledge related to programming and would like to contribute …

or if you own a business and would like to shape products that pave the way for a new financial market


please get in touch with us at !


Convenient Alternative Financing. In the right size. At the right time. Easy to use and compliant.


It’s time.

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