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The first Organic Growth Hub

Hub Vienna – The place for founders

Hub Vienna – The place for founders

In 2020 a selected group of skilled mentors and experts joined forces to change the way businesses and their founders are being supported: The Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna.


As the core team of the Hub Vienna, we all share a background of being passionate about building companies, creating and growing ideas and not being afraid to question the status quo. Though we share a vast amount of experience in our craft, we all individually witnessed that there is a fundamental problem why some businesses do not prosper and fail in the middle to long run.


The past tells a lesson about tomorrow

The reason being, that usually the early stage financing is already flawed. When looking at businesses and their core competencies there is often a mismatch of financing and synchronized development of key-staffs’ professional capabilities and skills. This unbalance produces stress on the business itself and increases the pressure on the founders and the core team tenfold.


Shortly after, the failure rate of these type of unbalanced ventures is too high – the whole system is bound to crash. The overall business performance is under whelming and the tension on the founders often times reaches unbearable heights. This can easily result in a huge waste of missed opportunities, resulting in a huge waste of money, energy and time invested. Ultimately not only the business – but the human side also suffers dramatically, leaving behind disillusioned founders and innovators.


Growing the healthy way means growing organically

We think that it is about time to live a new way of building businesses. Focusing on building resilient companies with the usual commercial aspects in mind like we used to – but at the same time focusing on the development of personal skills. We call that the Organic Venture Building Process. This means that we guide entrepreneurs and their businesses as trusted partners with our international network of mentors. On their journey to organic growth, this human-centered approach, will ensure that the personal capabilities and growth of the founding team are keeping pace with the growth of the business itself.



The Place where we build these companies is the Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna. Where we not only support young companies and their founders with the Organic Venture Building Process – but also jointly build new companies based on our internal ecosystem strategy.


The first focus of our efforts is the financial market for digital assets and the management of those. Two innovative companies in this area are currently in the process of founding – an exciting opportunity to join.

If you are an investor and would like to know more about the financial opportunies currently available, please reach out to us at


We welcome you to join our mission

Our passion and expertise for company building, gives us confidence that our approach, the Organic Venture Building Process, is paving the way for a new dimension in Venturing. By using a systematic and repeatable process, without leaving the human aspect of growth behind, we build more profitable and more resilient companies.


We strive for building better, healthier companies at the core, while at the same time creating a higher return for investors and stakeholders.


We invite you to join our journey to building resilient companies the organic way, by following us on the Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna page at . In the weeks to come, we will share more insights about the individual aspects of our mentorship and entrepreneurial growth program. And last but not least, we will share more personal insights about our core team members, with the two founders, Paul Pöltner and Josef Katzgraber starting off.

A new mindset for a new generation of brand commerce
Guiding Innovators HUB Vienna

A new mindset for a new generation of brand commerce

By Paul Krügel , Guiding Innovators HUB Vienna

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