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Why we build Organic Businesses

Why we build Organic Businesses

This post should have started with: We live in a connected world where we can travel anywhere to work with peopleWe can move more than ever before. Instead, we are currently facing a global challenge. A pandemic has broken out and direct exchange in business life — cooperation as we had always known it — is currently not possible. 

Despite that, we still do live in a connected world. Through digitalization and virtual networking, small teams of people can build companies worldwide at any time. And they can do so very quickly. Start-ups are using this development to achieve the greatest possible market coverage in the shortest possible time and consequently breaking up existing structures as quickly as possible. To achieve this, a lot of money is invested in a short time. Market and price pressure is used to bring about the desired development. A medium-term survival on the basis of their own cash flow in most cases isnt possible at this point in time. The development of these companies is characterized by rapid growth and massive investment pressure. A minor impact is possible — a major social change cannot be achieved in this way. 


The answer to the developments in the start-up scene of the past decade is the Organic Growth movement. 


Does it sound a bit like a greenhouse with seven-leafed crops for personal use? The analogy to organic growth, as it occurs in nature and in agriculture, is quite deliberate. Something alive and meaningful should be created and be able to develop from within. 


By organic growth we mean the growth that a company achieves by increasing production volume and increasing internal sales. An organic growth strategy attempts to maximize growth from within. 


There are many ways for a company to increase its sales internally. Typically, strategies start with the optimization and reorganization of resources and new product offerings. The optimization of a company focuses on further improving the processes of the company in order to reduce costs and determine appropriate pricing strategies for products or services. 

For the Guiding Innovators team, optimization means that the company adapts the use of its resources — better than before — to its customers. The company’s development is slower, but organically adapted to its own resources. We live this strategy ourselves when building companies. We are part of this movement and are convinced that companies can only survive in the medium and long term if they grow organically. 


To grow organically means that founders and companies stay healthy. 


To work and grow in a healthy environment requires a value-based culture. Great, let’s create interesting company values and put them on our website! Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. An authentic corporate culture can be created if the values are derived from the convictions of the founder. The founder must want to exemplify and communicate them. This doesn’tt happen overnight. It takes time to define and illustrate values. It takes just as much time and care asselecting new employees and bringing them on board. 


When founders know all areas of their companiesand have tried all the chairs themselves, they can carefully build up their teams and lead them into the future. 


We address our offer to courageous founders. Courageous to work on their own success and a holistic development. Courageous to invest in a sustainable, resilient company. Courageous and open to a digital future. And those who also have the courage to spend time with their families, build a healthy corporate culture for all employees and develop an innovative product for loyal customers. 


That is why we build Organic Businesses 

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