Guiding Innovators launched with TPA and sarema | RENT A CFO the initiative “findig”

Guiding Innovators launched with TPA and sarema | RENT A CFO the initiative “findig”

“findig – praxisgerechte Digitalisierung” for small and medium-sized enterprises is an alliance of three well-known consulting companies.


We build organic ventures together – Guiding Innovators is very pleased to present the current “digital project” together with the technology and funding experts from TPA and the restructuring and financing experts from sarema | RENT A CFO. Together we will support small and medium-sized enterprises in Austria with the necessary digitalization steps to prepare them for the future.


Why is this joint initiative necessary?

Guiding Innovators was founded in 2020 with the goal of unleashing global innovation potential. We passionately believe that organic growth is the key to business success for companies.

For us, practical digitalization means moving from a strong corporate culture towards a great customer experience. Our approach is to look at the company as a whole and to implement a step by step strong digitalization strategy.
Digitalization is the basis, but transformation requires a motivated team in the company to transfer digitalization in everyday life and integrate it into daily processes.
This is what we are doing for SMEs, together with our cooperation partners TPA and sarema | RENT A CFO.


What do we want to achieve with findig?

findig stands for financing and digitalization and illustrates that these two parameters are mutually dependent. Due to the current challenges, financing can often no longer be solved by a new financial plan and cost savings alone. Therefore, companies need to be “fit for the future” in order to also obtain financing in the future. It’s all about practical digitalization for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Who we are and how do we work together

The findig team does not see itself purely as a project implementer, but rather as an interim companion on this path to digitalization, where your team always help to steer the direction of the digitalization journey:


Andreas Gotwald (TPA EU-TC)

  • Physicist and value analyst according to VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure / Association of German Engineers)
  • After more than 30 years of international professional experience specialized in R&D, product and process innovations for SMEs and industrial companies, consulting and support of high-tech start-ups, financing and subsidies for projects and whole companies
  • Court-certified expert for patent valuation and exploitation, as well as for financial plans and subsidies
  • Many years of experience in project management, international project development and conflict management
  • The goal of his work is to always define the companies priorities and then to work out structured solutions that their employees understand and therefore can implement together


Michael Nester (TPA EU-TC)

  • Business administration studies at the University of Economics
  • Since 2012 financial criminal law expert with TPA at the Vienna office
  • Tax consultant at TPA since 2016
  • Since 2020 director of tax consulting at TPA
  • Focus on digital accounting and tax compliance
  • Lecturer and author


Jürgen Kaiser (sarema / RENT-A-CFO)

  • Interim Manager
  • Has been specializing in particularly challenging projects for over 25 years
  • In addition to transformation processes and restructuring, he primarily accompanies complex transactions such as Mergers & Acquisitions projects, financing projects and investor searches
  • In 2020, he received the Interim Manager of the Year award and won 1st place in the Constantinus Award.
  • For him, the most important idea and vision is to accompany his customers in the concrete implementation of projects


Michaela Rothleitner (GUIDING INNOVATORS)

  • Passionate transformation expert with key qualifications in digitization
  • Long-term experience as a corporate developer
  • Starting in 2017, development of a corporate venture capital entity for UNIQA Insurance Group AG
  • Visionary and co-founder of countless networks and platforms in the Austrian startup landscape
  • In November 2020 she has launched the expert network Guiding Innovators together with partners
  • Her focus: Organic venture building = founding, transforming and building strong companies that rethink innovation



  • Financing and Blockchain expert
  • He started his career in 2001 with the foundation of an ICT startup company
  • Joined TPA in 2008 as a senior consultant and passed the tax advisor exam
  • As a co-founder of the European crowd-investing platform CONDA, his team established alternative forms of financing starting in 2012
  • In 2020, he and his partners launched the expert network Guiding Innovators
  • His main focus: Organic venture building= founding, financing and building resilient companies for innovative technologies
  • Lecturer at the University of Liechtenstein


As you can see, findig is made up of an interdisciplinary team of experts from the business world who have created the findig PotentialCheck for small and medium-sized enterprises with a great understanding of practical digitalization.


What exactly is the findig PotentialCheck?

The findig PotentialCheck identifies the individual digitalization potential of a company and shows quickly and without major barriers which digitalization measures make sense in order to achieve short, medium and long-term effects. In this way, it provides perfect orientation in the complex environment of competitors and sets the individual cornerstone for companies to start practical digitalization projects.

With the findig PotentialCheck, we show you the next steps in a free initial consultation, whereby our approach is not intended to trigger an “earthquake”, but providing a step-by-step guide to implementation.
The common path starts with the orientation plan. We use this to develop the roadmap and the direction. Whilst simultaneously providing strategies to implement the next steps.



To sum it up

The PotentialCheck for small and medium-sized enterprises, developed by findig, forms the basis for decision-making and consulting with companies.
It identifies the individual digitalization potential of a company and shows which digitalization measures make sense and can be implemented quickly. Therefore, the findig PotentialCheck provides valuable orientation and lays the foundation for starting practice-oriented digitalization projects.

We guide companies to the next steps in a free initial consultation and offered step-by-step instructions for their implementation. The experts from findig develop the roadmap and the following sub-projects for the company and advise or accompany the implementation of the next steps.


You decide on the future of your company!
Click here for the findig PotentialCheck 


We look forward to hearing from you and to beginning the journey together with you 😊

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